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Li Hongyan meets with guests from Qingdao Standard Testing Co., Ltd.


On August 13, Li Hongyan, director of the management committee of Qingdao High-tech Zone, met with Han Lianchao, Chairman of Qingdao Standard Testing Co., Ltd. and his delegation.

Li Hongyan said that as a key enterprise cultivated in the High-tech Zone, Qingdao Standard Testing Co., Ltd. has realized rapid development after long-term focus on technological innovation and business expansion, and has also made great contributions to the development of the Zone. He expressed his hope that the enterprise will continue to carry forward the leading role of science and technology, further strengthen the industry and lengthen the industrial chain, and promote the high-quality development of Zone. He said that the Zone will, as always, provide full support for the development of the enterprise in terms of policies, talents, and service guarantees, so as to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results for both parties.

Han Lianchao expressed his gratitude to to Qingdao High-tech Zone for its long-term support and assistance the development of the enterprise. He said that Qingdao Standard Testing Co., Ltd. is full of confidence in the development potential of the Zone and will accelerate the implementation of new projects and contribute more to the development of the Zone.

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