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General Party Branch of Qingdao High-tech Investment Group visits the PLA Navy Museum


Recently, the General Party Branch of Qingdao High-tech Investment Group organized all Party members and activists of Party application to visit the PLA Navy Museum and conducted thematic Party Day education activity, to look back at the glorious history of the PLA Navy’s development under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and pool the great strength of the PLA Navy to follow the Party forever and forge ahead on a new journey.

The PLA Navy Museum is the only military museum in China that shows the development of the Chinese Navy. Historical pictures bearing the vicissitudes of life, precious cultural relics full of loyalty, heart-wrenching battle stories…all these in the museum show the pioneering, striving and developing history of and remarkable achievements made by the PLA Navy under the leadership of the CPC.

The activity is a real class of education on Party history, as well as a vivid national defense education class.

The visitors all expressed that they would take this thematic education activity as an opportunity to devote themselves to their work with full spirit, high morale and pragmatic style, and make better contributions to the development to the development of the Group.

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